CONCEPT: Embrace History & Embrace Old-World Winemaking

Sottomarino Winery, located on Treasure Island in San Francisco, is housed in a "submarine" training vessel with authentic parts and historic markings from the World War II era still intact. In spirit of the Treasure Island redevelopment plans, rather than reconstructing the space, we simply re-purposed it -- from a training vessel to a thriving urban tasting room and event space. We embrace the history of Treasure Island and its past as a US Naval Base and will maintain this history through the redevelopment and into Treasure Island’s future.

We take this same philosophy with our winemaking — embracing the old-world winemaking traditions to make a classic Italian-inspired wine from California. We can never make an Italian wine in California, but we can make wines from classic Italian varietals using old-world winemaking techniques that the Italian winemakers have used for centuries. We use open-top fermenter for our wine making and utilize hand “punch downs” during the maceration process. Our use of native yeast for our fermentaion process along with a minimal intervention approach allow our wines to show the classic characteristics of the varietals — embracing old-world winemaking techniques.